Vestigios Oníricos (Oneiric Vestigiums)

June, 1997

Main Hall & Visual Space

A constant in the work of Javier Cruz has been the quality of the materials he uses. Sand, marble dust and volcanic ash in happy symbiosis with oils and pigments applied generously in thick, superimposed layers that come crashing down, one after the other, like ferocious waves that leave behind traces of multicolored jetsam in their rhythmic ebb and flow. Rugged textures that hark back to the living rock of the caves where ancient artists painted mysterious messages that we have yet to decipher.

A painter of instants and essences, Javier Cruz aspires to see the world through other eyes. He has a gift for telling which images were created by his ancestors, history, museums; for discerning between his own perception and reality, only to come back to that first, original experience, the one that doesn’t get bogged down in tradition, but that looks to the future.


Sitios de interés

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