3 Veces 3 (3 Times 3)

Wednesday October 29 - Wednesday November 24, 2004

Main Gallery

Before perspective and its resources were employed and developed, the sensation of entering a painting was an unfamiliar one. Today we are accustomed to entering stranger’s rooms, walking down streets that converge in the distance and standing on wide roads that taper into dots on the horizon. Perspective in art, be it painting or other mediums, is one of the theaters our minds are exposed to on a daily basis.

What is surprising is to experience this same sensation in an abstract painting that does not resort to lines or geometric volumes that create optical illusions. Virginia Chévez’ paintings are composed of blots, textures, calligraphy and colors, materials and forms that are completely alien to the resources of perspective. Yet you feel like you are inside her paintings. The artist intuitively creates ambiances –informal, but exceedingly complete sensory spaces. Her paintings have a strange, irresistible depth that literally gobbles you up.

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