Pintura al plato (Painting on a Plate)

Wednesday October 1 - Friday October 31, 2008

Main Gallery, Visual Space, Main Hall

Art and food are married in the creations of artists like Daniel Spoerri, creator of Eat Art, or the conceptualist Rirkrit Tiravanija, who cooks and offers his creations to the public in what is a clear example of “relational art”, a term coined by the French philosopher Nicolas Bourriaud to define interactive contemporary art that encourages the spectator to participate and makes him part of the creative process.

Pandering to her love of both art and gastronomy, Edurne Esponda has teamed up with chefs Alberto Ituarte, Bruno Oteiza, Mikel Alonso, from Biko, Pedro Eguía and José Luis Uribe from Xaak to create a relational work based on the fusion concept.

Whereas fashion design was the inspiration for her previous show at Casa Lamm, Código propio (2004), a series of abstract paintings that incorporate references to the world of fashion, like patterns and allusions to clothes sizes and bar codes, this time it is food that brings out the flavor of her intrinsic self: a gourmet artist who appreciates good food, especially that of the Basque Country and her native Oaxaca.

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