Register of All Things Sacred

Wednesday February 11 - Wednesday March 11, 2009

Main Gallery & Main Hall

This exhibition invites us to acknowledge that there is a sacred element to everything we do, to everything that surrounds us; that we have the power to imbue every aspect of our daily lives and activities with a sense of sacredness. In other words, sacredness isn’t confined to places of worship and holy writings, but can be present in an art gallery or office or at home with our families, or even in our relationship with ourselves. In this collection, Virginia Chévez seeks to get us to accept ourselves as mediums through which the universe expresses itself. In effect, she is calling on us to admit that we, too, are holy writers.

Virginia’s paintings transcend the limitations of oil and canvas, submerging us in a world where total peace and absolute silence reign, a place where the soul finds itself reveling in the inner landscape, where colors intertwine in total harmony with the sounds of the universe, enveloping us in an eternal embrace and transporting us back to our original dwelling place. Contemplation in solitude that simultaneously welcomes and protects; art as meditation that invites us to lose ourselves in our very existence and surrender ourselves to the vastness of the universe.

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