Límites de luz (Light's Limits)

Wednesday November 4 - Thursday November 26, 2009

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Luis Urrutia has added acrylic windows to his wooden boxes, built with slabs of wood positioned either horizontally or vertically. Painted with the same kind of paint used for stained glass windows, these acrylic “windows” are illuminated by brightly colored neon lights placed behind the piece, creating a play of delicately integrated volumes. It is the artificiality of this incandescent light shining from inside the box that originates tension with the organic materials of the surface, also painted in bight, contrasting colors.

The artist’s previous works –abstract forms created using texture and evanescence– were predominantly monochromatic. Now he surprises us with a tremendous display of bold, contrasting colors; unusual combinations that point to greater artistic freedom in his compositions comprised of solid vertical and horizontal strips. Color, texture and luminosity are the key words in Urrutia’s most recent lexicon.

Parallel to this, the artist delves deeper into the world of three-dimensionality with sculptures carved out of blocks of translucent concrete, into which he has incrusted pieces of obsidian to create striking plays of volume.

In his Límites de luz series, rather than a formal analysis of the aesthetic possibilities of the materials employed, what we see is emphasis on their evocative properties and transformational power. These picto-reliefs or sculptural murals reveal a process of constant change and metamorphosis, to which the artist-builder confers a solid form –a vertical or horizontal line– in all its variations. To Urrutia, making a painting –or building it– implies the possibility of fusing the rational practice of engineering and the free exercising of the imagination. His impeccably executed works vibrate with light and color. It is their freshness and simplicity, qualities not commonly encountered in the pretentious world of contemporary art, that draw the spectator in. 

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