Bronce (Bronze)

Wednesday February 3 - Wednesday September 22, 2010

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Jorge Marín’s subjects incarnate the shrewdness of the eagle, that beady-eyed bird of prey that looks down on the vastness of the world from on high. Here, they reign like imposing gods and lords of the ether, represented as having the attributes of angels or garudas[1], crouched like felines, those other predators, on spheres, windows, scales or horses, in masks that invariably have beaks as if to affirm the clamoring of the heavens.

Even more noteworthy is the paradoxical distinction Marín imposes on his characters: angel-men who fly but who have no wings, winged men and angels who play in the make-believe swell like fearless surfers or tightrope walkers who, in almost esoteric columns, embrace the existential cosmos. Once again, I quote Tournier: “I begin to perceive the birth of a barometric body, a pluviometric, anemometric, hydrometric body. A porous body through which all the winds of heaven breathe… Having discovered this little secret of nature, I felt the down of innumerable silver wings brushing all along my left arm, flapping in every pore.”

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