La Patria (The Motherland)

Friday October 1 - Friday October 29, 2010

Main Gallery & Elena Lamm's

To mark the bicentenary of Mexico’s independence, and the centenary of the Mexican Revolution, Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm proudly presented the most recent works of Demián Flores Cortés (Juchitán, Oaxaca, 1971), deemed one of Mexico’s most promising contemporary artists. La Patria speaks of an artist whose main concern is the deconstruction of the image and the decodification of modern-day reality, based on a transdisciplinary discourse that revolves around the issues of identity, memory and the hybridization of ancient traditions and modernity. With a sharp, critical eye and bold spirit, Flores opts for the syncretism of both traditions using formal and conceptual juxtapositions that serve as palimpsests in which the spectator discovers the simultaneous coexistence of several realities, this being a characteristic of the post-modern age, and, to a greater extent, of a 21st century marked by globalization.

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