Episodios de luz (Episodes of Light)

Wednesday, August 28 - Friday, September 27, 2013

Main Gallery & Visual Space

Landscapes are the children of time. Earth is more than three billion years old. Each mountain, each geological feature, the atmosphere that hovers above us, seemingly infinite, exist before we became aware of their existence, before we gathered knowledge about the world that surrounds us. We have a philosophical and poetical relationship with the territory we inhabit. The landscape, that huge extension that we contemplate, holds us, gives us a place and forces us to be measured against its immensity. It is almost reckless to pause and think that our existence can be determined by landscapes, those expanses we inhabit and handle and limit us. The landscape’s borders are our own borders. Jorge Obregón has decided to devote his talents to landscape painting. It is an existential decision. Painting landscapes implies an intimate relationship with the place and a habit of observation that compels one to stay and linger while the landscape changes, moves on, evolves. The painter is there, still, patient, and clouds roll above his head, light turns into darkness, nature follows its course.

-Avelina Lesper, 2013-


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