Luces en el espejo (Lights in the mirror)

Tuesday February 3 - Wednesday March 4, 2015

Main Gallery & Visual Space

What is it we do over and over again but to look dor our selves, recogniizing ourselves in what we are? In his book, Requiem Taurino (Bullfight Requiem), Jorge F. Hernández tell us, "The history of Mexican bullfighting consists of reproduction and reflection, difference and divergence... It is the monumental and archaic shaft where, each Sunday, a tansatlantic game of mirrors gets redefined..." I would add: where day-to-day our vast culture is simultaneously refracted and reflected.

If art is the mirror of what one is, memory is woven around identity, and it is around identity that what one has lived becomes visible. Juchitán (Oaxaca) is the mirror of its own history, rituals and legends. It is perhaps the sum of those experiences that makes it possible for the unimaginable and the intangible to exist. It makes it possible for us to redirect reality and to create our own visions.

Demián Flores

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