Wednesday, March 11 - Friday April 24, 2015

Main Gallery & Visual Space

The whole Universe's mystery contained in a single stone, in a tree, on a canvas, this is the truth that
Virginia Chévez conveys in her painting through strength and harmony.
Piedra-Verso shows the path of an artist who has joined with her oils, linen, and wood
in masterpieces that reveal the unity of all things. Her art transcends technique and medium in
order to become magic capable of transforming something commonplace, a small stone, a work
of art. Her art surrounds us among blue and orange murals, shades of gray and earthen pigments
—stardust— and invites us to admire the beauty hidden within the ordinary through her work,
which is deep and subtle at once, and shows the greatness in that which is small; using alchemy to
transform life into poetry that sings to the heart of humankind, to the world's soul, to the Cosmos.

- Daniela Castillejos Chévez

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